Coven Cocktails – Hairy Slipper

Cocktail du jour - Hairy Slipper

Cocktail du jour – Hairy Slipper

Sometimes you might want a margarita, but not a margarita–time for a Hairy Slipper cocktail. Hrmm, I’m going to have to go back and rewrite Fetching Slippers properly, aren’t I? Hrm, yes, after Book 3’s ending gets done properly and Chapter 1 of Book 2 gets touched up. Still working on those.

Right, cocktail. This is pretty much a margarita, using the juice of a fresh lemon (or Nellie & Joe’s equivalent lemon juice) instead of key lime and Midori instead of Triple Sec. Try it, it’s quite delicious. (A proper Japanese Slipper uses Cointreau and not tequila.)

Cocktail + Election Returns = Less Pain

I’m having my Japanese Slipper with a nice Ave Maria Immaculata (cigar) and a good book to rest my brain before I begin to obsessively watch election returns. If Clinton wins, I celebrate. If Trump wins, I drown my sorrows (hah!) and think dark thoughts about expatriating myself and moving to the Netherlands. I spent two months at butler school there, and I quite liked it. Dutch isn’t even all that hard to learn (I did learn a little before going.) Also, they’re gay-friendly, and I would be closer to my European pals. Amsterdam is way cool, too.

So, I hope you have voted, if you’re an American citizen. You voted, right? So now have a cocktail with me, virtually, to celebrate the end of this miserable presidential election season. Hurrah!


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