Sorrows’ Conjurors AND a Novella Now Out!

Sorrows' Conjurors now available at

Sorrows’ Conjurors now out!

As warm weather shows signs of returning, not only has Sorrows’ Conjurors finally been published but its companion novella, Testing Day, is out, too! Happy, happy! Now I can get on with Sorrows’ Trials with a clear(er) conscience.

People aren’t exactly flooding my inbox with mail about it, but I do know the tropes in the kind of Urban Fantasy I write tend to go for strong female leads, women who can kick butt and take names. My women haven’t been very forward; the guys have had the lead up until now. Grrls who want to read about grrls may now rejoice! Carol MacAlister to the rescue! 

Carol is an old, old figment of mine, and a good friend. It’s really nice to finally let her out to play in other people’s heads. She’s impetuous and tends to leap first and think about hitting the ground later. Good thing she bounces! She’s also more of a magical powerhouse than she might seem, and she gets to stretch her legs.

If you pick up Sorrows’ Conjurors, you’ll also meet Ian’s father. Heck, Ian meets his father for the first time, too. The old man nearly steals the show a time or two. He’s an irrepressible character, and my most favorite demon.

And you’ll get to know Julian, whom you met in Book Two, a lot better. In fact, he gets his own novella and we see some more of that incendiary Witch action.

I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I did writing it—and if you did read it, THANK YOU.


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