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Books 2 & 3 Update: First and Final Drafts

So, a progress report on the writing: Yes, I have been busy on Book 2 and Book 3! I’m inching ever closer to publishing Sorrows’ Knights to Kindle.

But First, the Conjurors

Book 3, Sorrows’ Conjurors, turned into a many-months day off from Sorrows’

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Sorrows’ Master – The Playlist

Here’s the playlist that I often listen to while writing the Sorrows Chronicles. I wanted to share this bit of inspiration with you so you can dance along with the figments and me. This playlist will be updated periodically, most likely. I’ll also include it in my next #urbanfantasy books.

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Coven Cocktails – Hairy Slipper

Sometimes you might want a margarita, but not a margarita–time for a Hairy Slipper cocktail. Hrmm, I’m going to have to go back and rewrite Fetching Slippers properly, aren’t I? Hrm, yes, after Book 3’s ending gets done properly and Chapter 1 of Book 2 gets touched up.

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Coven Cocktails: Kerry’s Margarita Recipe

Happy Saturday! The figments commanded that I start publishing Kerry’s favorite cocktail recipes, starting with Kerry’s margarita recipe, and moving on from there.

If you’ve read Sorrows’ Master, you know that the figments, especially Kerry and Alex, are fond of tying one on. As it happens,

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