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Book Four: Stormy Times Ahead for the Gotth

Preparations for Book Four are beginning, having started this week with a new outline and notes on characters and plot turns. In a way, this is planting the seeds of inspiration by first distilling events I already know about down to their essence. Bit of backstory: I wrote  all five Chronicles books in a mad gallup,

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Fetching New and Improved Slippers

I had previously had three of the five parts of a Sorrows short story, “Fetching Slippers,” posted on this site, dating back from 2014. Good news! It’s getting rewritten as an #urbanfantasy short story.

Ack! I loathe having had this poor site, as well as MageNet, being sad little ghost towns,

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Playlist Update – Songs Added

We have new songs for the playlist, courtesy of a reader who has been a goth (as opposed to a Gotth) from way back! She also sent along the URLs for YouTube videos so you can sample for free. The Sorrows Chronicles playlist, as I have warned you, is a work in progress.

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