Sorrows’ Conjurors AND a Novella Now Out!

As warm weather shows signs of returning, not only has Sorrows’ Conjurors finally been published but its companion novella, Testing Day, is out, too! Happy, happy! Now I can get on with Sorrows’

Sorrows’ Trials and a NEW story

I’m happy to report that I have finished the assembling outlines of both Sorrows’ Trials, Book IV of the Sorrows Chronicles, and a brand NEW story line set elsewhere in the Sorrows-verse! This is in addition to the 40-page novella,

Spring Pollenized News Blog Entry Thingum

Do you get zombified by spring pollenization? I sure do. So this news bite is probably going to be seriously dumb. *lurch, shuffle, sniffle*  *scribble scribble* *lurch* Scrambled brains ‘R’ us!

Despite being Spring Pollenized, or perhaps because of it,

Julian’s in Trouble… Again, or Will Be

In Sorrows’ Knights, we got to see Julian Machliec as more than just a mysterious voice on Mike’s phone. In Sorrows’ Conjurors, you’re going to get to know him a lot better, since he’s one of the three main characters.

Book Four: Stormy Times Ahead for the Gotth

Preparations for Book Four are beginning, having started this week with a new outline and notes on characters and plot turns. In a way, this is planting the seeds of inspiration by first distilling events I already know about down to their essence.

Fetching New and Improved Slippers

I had previously had three of the five parts of a Sorrows short story, “Fetching Slippers,” posted on this site, dating back from 2014. Good news! It’s getting rewritten as an #urbanfantasy short story.

Ack! I loathe having had this poor site,

Playlist Update – Songs Added

We have new songs for the playlist, courtesy of a reader who has been a goth (as opposed to a Gotth) from way back! She also sent along the URLs for YouTube videos so you can sample for free. The Sorrows Chronicles playlist,

Updates Posted to Amazon Kindle

Just a quickie to mention that I have submitted a re-formatted and de-typo-ed  version of Knights. The new version should be up within the 72-hour time frame Amazon gives us, or much sooner—fingers crossed.

I’m not entirely sure how you get a new version,

The Devil and All Those Details (and Typos)

Typos Suck

To My Readers:

If you found an absolute butt-load of weird typos in Knights, let me say this: Microsoft Word will apparently un-edit your edits when you convert to HTML.

Sorrows’ Knights Now Available on!

Hurrah! Sorrows’ Knights, Book 2 of the Sorrows Chronicles, is now available in Kindle format at! Time to sit back and celebrate for a moment.  I intend to watch some CGI tutorials and patchka around with Modo and Zbrush and make pictures in Poser.


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