Playlist Update – Songs Added

Gotth Songs

Alex singing, adding to the Playlist. 🙂

We have new songs for the playlist, courtesy of a reader who has been a goth (as opposed to a Gotth) from way back! She also sent along the URLs for YouTube videos so you can sample for free. The Sorrows Chronicles playlist, as I have warned you, is a work in progress. Please feel free to make your own suggestions.

In addition, she suggested the whole of the Haunted album, but I only picked out the title track to add.

I won’t be updating the book text for the playlist, but I believe I shall create a page on this site to hold the current playlist. Being a musician, I can only hope that Alex would approve.


Goth-Approved Additions

“Control,” Poe, Haunted (Bonus Track Version)
–Ian dances to this

“Haunted,” Poe, Haunted (Bonus Track Version)

“Dissapoint,” Assemblage 23, Failure
–Although Alex’s father was not a suicide, this captures his depression and feelings of failure

“Protecteur,” Mephisto Walz, Terra-Regina



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