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At the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, 2013

N.E. (Nan) Fredman was born in San Francisco, California, but grew up on the mean streets of McLean, Virginia. She placed as finalist in her high school in the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Awards, having written a small flock of fantasy stories. However, she surprised everyone who thought she would become a writer by going off to Engineering School instead.

After finishing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Virginia, she stumbled into the beginnings of modern computing, professionally speaking. There, she spent many years as a computer geek, building expert systems back before AI went all neural networks and stuff. She has done her stint in sci-fi fandom as professional artist, enjoyed many Urban Fantasy novels, LARPed, played RPGs, and gamed a bit, and even been an artist guest of honor at a science fiction convention. Occasionally, Balticon manages to get her to come and give talks.

When the Berlin Wall fell, she left off developing knowledge-based systems for the military and recreated herself as a graphic artist and web developer—a big improvement. Somewhere along the line, she moved to beautiful Rockville, Maryland with her long-suffering partner. There she grows her roses and pair o’ cats. She also tends the household and its many, many networked electronic devices.

In 2012, she bade farewell to IT and started her third work-a-day career by going to the Netherlands to attend the International Butler Academy. These days, she is a semi-retired butler for a lovely private family.

Always a Story-teller

Through all of it, Nan has been an artist and storyteller. Over the past decade, she has worked both in traditional and digital media. Today, she concentrates on the digital, illustrating the Sorrows world through CGI rendering and Photoshop. Both are excellent for photographing things and people that do not exist.

Some of the figments you will meet have been with her a very long time. They are thrilled, finally, to be let out to play in other people’s brains. About seven years ago, the ensemble of the Sorrows Chronicles popped up and took over her non-business life. Well, at least the bits not occupied by flesh-and-blood humans. Fortunately, they are showing no signs of going away. The figments have put their feet up on the furniture, are smoking her cigars, tuning her partner’s TiVo, and drinking all the booze in her cabinets. This all while filling the author’s head with many more stories.

Comments, Please

If you liked Sorrows’ Master, please take the time to leave a few positive words in a review. This helps us indie authors immensely! Thank you for reading, and I hope you will continue to enjoy the series. It’s up to five novels, now (four in the publishing queue) and more to come.

Also, please feel free to contact me or leave comments on the blog posts!

More Goodies Headed Your Way

Next up in the continuing Sorrows Chronicles is Sorrows’ Knights, coming to Kindle within the next week or three.

The author maintains this blog, where she will post newsy bits, as well as free stories in serial format. You’ll also get artwork for your downloading pleasure. When time permits, that is, because writing the books is important.

If you want to read what the characters have to say for themselves, head on over to Mage-Net. They will talk out-of-story about a bunch of things, and generally hang out while ruling the author’s life. You may be asked to leave an email address, especially if you want to leave a comment. The author will NEVER sell or give away your email address. Promise.


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