Artwork for Downloading

Wondering how I see my characters? (I call them “figments.) Wonder no longer. In fact, if you like the images enough, go ahead and download them for your own desktop use.

Before I was an author, I was a visual story-teller. Some of you may know me more as an artist than a writer, and I have done artwork within the science-fiction and fantasy genre for decades. Not always published: why that is, is another story.

Today I generally work in digital media: Photoshop, Poser, Vue, and whatever else I can get my hands on—including making and texturing my own 3d models! I do paint digitally, but generally as part of postwork.

Wallpapers for You

If you like, you may download these wallpapers for your own desktop. I designed them with that in mind, and I use them myself. These are all my original artwork.

To download a wallpaper, go to the Picture List view of the gallery and click on the image you would like to have. The image will expand, and then use Right-click->Save Image As… to save it to your own hard drive.

There are some wallpapers that have artistic nudity. As in, you might see someone this nude in an art museum. You are warned. Now here is the link:

Wallpapers with an element of nudity, and yes, cheesecake.

Please note: These are for your own viewing enjoyment ONLY. Downloading these images does not constitute an unrestricted license to use these anyway you want. Thank you.

Need Cover Art?

I am indeed a designer and illustrator. If, perhaps, you think you might want me to create some cover art for you using my digital tools, please do contact me. My fees are professional, but reasonable.

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