The Devil and All Those Details (and Typos)

The Pooky Look of Manifold Confusion

Alex sports the Pooky Look of Manifold Confusion. I feel this way right now, too.

Typos Suck

To My Readers:

If you found an absolute butt-load of weird typos in Knights, let me say this: Microsoft Word will apparently un-edit your edits when you convert to HTML. A kind reader clued me in.

I was completely not expecting this, having pored over the manuscript as closely as possible before converting. While converting to HTML, I was reading code, not text.

I abjectly apologize. I neither intended to nor wanted to sell you a load of crap. I am making this right.

So, er, yes. Technical difficulties, please stand by!

But I Figured It Out!

So, I’m now in process of re-converting sans idiotic weird typos. Hopefully, I’ll be able to re-submit this to Amazon tomorrow…if another family disaster doesn’t overwhelm this effort. Never rains but it pours, of course. You know this will be the time it really DOES take 72 hours for Amazon to post the book.

I’ll post to @ne_fredman on Twitter when the new version’s up. Thank you for hanging in there while I flounder around in Indy Author Land.





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