Sorrows’ Knights Now Available on!

Alex with Martini

Come celebrate the publication of Sorrows’ Knights, sword-bearer style.

Hurrah! Sorrows’ Knights, Book 2 of the Sorrows Chronicles, is now available in Kindle format at! Time to sit back and celebrate for a moment.  I intend to watch some CGI tutorials and patchka around with Modo and Zbrush and make pictures in Poser. Join Alex, here, in a cocktail, will ya?

Conjurors Next

I’m well into the second go-through on Sorrows’ Conjurors. Because I used that (new to me) outlining system, this book had all the plot issues dealt with up front. Instead of trying to retrofit, as I did with Knights–which was why it took so danged long–this one got re-written from scratch. It feels really solid. As in, if the beta reader(s) don’t find any horrible things hanging out that I completely missed, then Conjurors could well be out later this year.

But yeah, things never go that well. Trump will start WWIII or my father-in-law will have to go into a nursing home or some damn thing will put a spanner in the works. You know. But let’s stay positive, huh?

So, while I’m letting Conjurors soak for a bit, I can start working on Fires. 🙂




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