Coven Cocktails: Kerry’s Margarita Recipe

Makings for Kerry's Margarita Recipe

Life’s little necessities: makings for Kerry’s margarita recipe

Happy Saturday! The figments commanded that I start publishing Kerry’s favorite cocktail recipes, starting with Kerry’s margarita recipe, and moving on from there.

If you’ve read Sorrows’ Master, you know that the figments, especially Kerry and Alex, are fond of tying one on. As it happens, I am pleased to report that this doesn’t change in future books.

The figments boss me around a good bit, sitting around my living room drinking my booze and smoking my cigars. Kerry, in particular, has some definite ideas about what constitutes a good cocktail, and he informs me that it’s high time that I posted recipes for his favorites. I am merely the author. I live to serve. Hence, this post.

As Kerry says, “Do not let the words, ‘Jose Cuervo’, pass your lips in this household. We’ll have none of that swill in here.” Yes, we’re tequila snobs. I’ve tried this recipe out on other folks at parties and it gets rave reviews. Enjoy!

Kerry’s Margarita Recipe

It’s critical to use a high-quality tequila as well as agave nectar paired with Key West lime juice instead of regular sweet and sour mix (simple syrup and lime). A good tequila should be smooth and drinkable straight and smell like fruit and flowers. Agave nectar has a less aggressive, honey-like sweetness that doesn’t fight with the tequila.

Salt or not, your option. Drop a bit of crushed ice into your margarita glass.

In a large shaker combine:

4 oz. Leyenda del Milagro Añejo tequila, or another añejo top-shelf tequila

2 oz. Triple Sec orange liqueur

2 oz. organic agave nectar

2 oz. Nellie & Joe’s Key West lime juice—or equivalent in fresh, if you can get key limes

Add more or less Triple Sec to adjust the sweetness rather than adding more agave nectar.

Add a bunch of crushed ice to the shaker. Seal up the shaker and shake hard about 10 times. Put your shoulder into it!

Strain into your glass and garnish with fresh lime, if you care about that sort of thing. The color will be a green-tinted amber due to the agave nectar. Forget about that. It tastes awesome. After a few you won’t care what color it is.

Now that I’ve written this, I want one, but it’s time to go write instead!

If you try this, leave a comment! Consider it us having a nice cocktail together. 🙂


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