Happy Halloween! And a New Twitter Account.

Happy Halloween! Best holiday of the year, and D.C.’s Mardi Gras. Also an occasion for celebrating the new Twitter account (such a relevant day for this). More on Twitter later…

  1. Woke up thinking about what I’d wear for Halloween today, and then realized that wearing a tail coat and top hat around the house by myself is silly. However, sitting outside smoking cigars and wearing a top hat in cool weather, that makes sense. Keeps my head warm.
  2. Settled for the TomboyX underwear with skulls on it for today. TMI, right? But comfort is important.
  3. The featured image for this post is that steampunk top hat, made by Conner Hats. They’re  well made, and they have several steampunk items. However, the Honorable Partner is not happy that I stole her precious full metal jacket 5.56 bullets for decoration. Or are they 2.23? I’m not all that down with carbines. Yet.
  4. The Honorable Partner is on staycation, but off attending to doctor appointments with the elderly and cranky father-in-law. How fun for her. No rest for the wicked.
  5. Question of the week: will we actually clean the basement this week? Er, don’t count on it. A friend once said he made a list of things he intended to do that weekend and then crossed off half of it right at the start. Might as well, you won’t get to it.

Going Forward: Will Post to Twitter As Well

  1. Today’s task: Getting to the aftermath of the boss-fight for book 3, now that I’ve spent the last 3 days tinkering with this website. (The social media icons STILL don’t show up. Grr.)
  2. Because the social media icons don’t show up, let me just say outright: I just started an author account on Twitter, @ne_fredman. Most of the @ne_fredman material will be germane to writing; horror  and urban fantasy genres in art, entertainment, and writing; and the Sorrows Chronicles.
  3. I save the anguish over the current presidential election and related snark for my @Nanogrrl account.


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