Mr. Earthquake (art)

Mr. Earthquake

Mr. Earthquake

This is a bit of fan art, portraying a mage I’m particularly fond of. This certain geomancer is brought to us by the crazy inventive goodness of Richard Raley’s King Henry Tapes. It is possible the King Henry would think this depiction was just a mite too pretty, but hey, there are scars, a sardonic smile, and wary eyes. It may be, that like his lady love, I find him to be a trustworthy, handsome brute with a good heart. Not a nice man. He can definitely be the Bad Man. We need people like this.

As depicted, he has something that probably goes boom in his right hand, and something far worse likely hidden behind his back. Please note the rubble behind him.*Ahem.*  Looks like he’s offering to go at least another round.

This image is all my own work, using Poser and Photoshop. Really, I need to make a good Elementalist Coat. Had to paint it myself. I always paint the hair. 🙂


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