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Nearly Done! Cover Art Next for Sorrows’ Knights

I have finished the edits, and so on to the cover art! Hurrah! Yes, I thought that Sorrows’ Knights would be out by Christmas. However, I did not reckon with the power of the holidays to truly foul up even the best intentioned of plans. Still,

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The Lady Spring: An Illustration

The Lady Spring: For years I’ve had on my Vue to-do list a depiction of the Lady Spring on the Gotth Hill estate. As you may have read in Master of Sorrows, Alex did try to drown himself here when he was a teenager (but did not succeed).

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Magistra Carol (Image Post)

Magistra Carol MacAlister wanted a new portrait, being tired of the one with her face squinched to one side in concentration. She wanted something sexeh but not slutty. We settled on bare midriff, with staff. This isn’t her usual magickal equipment, but it will do for now until I model a proper Ace of Wands type staff for her.

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Dolores, Lady of Sorrows

What does an Ancient (in the world of the paranormal) look like? If she’s a clever goddess that has survived until the modern day, she looks pretty swanky. Please meet Dolores Gotth, Alex’s great-grandmother and the eldest and immortal part of the Trinity that is Sorrows.

What Kind of Goddess,

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Mr. Earthquake (art)

This is a bit of fan art, portraying a mage I’m particularly fond of. This certain geomancer is brought to us by the crazy inventive goodness of Richard Raley’s King Henry Tapes. It is possible the King Henry would think this depiction was just a mite too pretty,

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Cover Art for Sorrows’ Master

For today’s semi-weekly post, I wanted to let you enjoy a closeup of the Alex portrait on the cover of Sorrows’ Master. Alex is in glowing-eyes mode (good for standing out of the background). I, myself, enjoy staring into them. You might not mind it either.

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