A Slight Update

Ah, dear friends, how did it get to be the middle of May already? (Yes, I know, it happened the usual way: celestial bodies flying about in the solar system.)

I don’t have an installment of Fetching Slippers. But I *do* have an update on the rewrite of Book 2, the first in a very long while.

As Trent mentioned, February blew hard. Everyone got sick and stayed that way until the second week of March, I do believe. And after that…my cat, my best friend of 21 years, who had been declining gently, began to die in earnest. I took her on her final trip to the vet on April 30th. I know, it sounds ridiculous to me–my cat died. But she really did. The house is too empty now, and I miss having those blue eyes watching me. Now I have a beautiful little urn and nobody furry to cuddle on my shoulder. Our lives, they are only made of moments, and the moments spent holding my kitty were some of the most precious.

I have always belonged to Siamese cats. My partner, bless her, found a beautiful cattery specializing in Siamese in southeastern Maryland, and hopefully two lovely young ladies will come to live with us within the year.

Anyhow, I’m slowly returning to normal. Even better news for YOU, I finally figured out an important turning point in the plot of Sorrows’ Knights. Oh. Thank. Goodness. Now we can get on with it. I want to finish this rewrite as fast as possible. I hope to get Knights out by or in the fall of this year.

Editors?? New Beta Readers? Please?

A kind person of the very detail-oriented sort came and left me a notice via contact form about all the wretched errors that had been left in Sorrows’ Master. ARRGH. I want to drop through the floor and hide again. But this was really very useful, like many of the terrors of writing for the public.

If any of you are thinking, “Jeez! I could do better!” and wish to beta read, for heaven’s sake, send me an email! I know I’m not the most perfect text editor in the world. Come and help! Please! The contact page works great.

Or leave a comment below…!


2 comments on “A Slight Update
  1. macklovelace says:

    It has been almost 8 months since any update. Your new litter sisters should be teenagers at this point. When is thez 2,3,& 4th books coming. I am 60 now might not live for the conclusion at this rate. Now,STOP READING POSTS AND WRITE!

    Mack Lovelace

    • nano says:

      Mack! I have book 2 needing a final bit of editing and book 3’s draft just about in the bag. Going to post about this as soon as I update this poor ghost-town of a site. 🙂


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