The Sorrows Chronicles Books Still Live!

Long Time No See Any More Books–Or Do We?

I’m so sorry that I haven’t updated this author blog in a really long time. So, I need to let you know where I am with the books in Sorrows Chronicles.

A Slight Update

Ah, dear friends, how did it get to be the middle of May already? (Yes, I know, it happened the usual way: celestial bodies flying about in the solar system.)

I don’t have an installment of Fetching Slippers.

Magistra Carol (Image Post)

Magistra Carol MacAlister wanted a new portrait, being tired of the one with her face squinched to one side in concentration. She wanted something sexeh but not slutty. We settled on bare midriff, with staff. This isn’t her usual magickal equipment,

While You’re Waiting, Check This Out

You may possibly be waiting for installment 3 of “Fetching Slippers.” If so, I do apologize for the delay.

A really hurty/upset stomach all week had taken its toll on my concentration. I usually spend Wednesday working on the blogs.

Dolores, Lady of Sorrows

What does an Ancient (in the world of the paranormal) look like? If she’s a clever goddess that has survived until the modern day, she looks pretty swanky. Please meet Dolores Gotth, Alex’s great-grandmother and the eldest and immortal part of the Trinity that is Sorrows.

Mr. Earthquake (art)

This is a bit of fan art, portraying a mage I’m particularly fond of. This certain geomancer is brought to us by the crazy inventive goodness of Richard Raley’s King Henry Tapes. It is possible the King Henry would think this depiction was just a mite too pretty,

Cover Art for Sorrows’ Master

For today’s semi-weekly post, I wanted to let you enjoy a closeup of the Alex portrait on the cover of Sorrows’ Master. Alex is in glowing-eyes mode (good for standing out of the background). I, myself,

Good Advice

Tentacle Farm

As Trent said over at Mage Net, “Do NOT pry the iron cover off of that mysterious well you found inside the old barn.”

Meantime, I made a wallpaper out of that image,



Incoming publication! Duck and cover!

Yes, it’s done, allowing for minor revisions in the future. Amazon electronic publishing actually allows us to do that. Imagine! Very cool.

“Constant Improvement” is a lovely life-motto, but there comes a time in a book’s journey where one must push it out the door and tell it to get a job.

Call Me Crazy…

Call me crazy, but my figments talk back. A LOT. Chatty little buggers. I thought that was bizarre until I learned that Samuel Clemens, AKA Mark Twain, also had figments that talked back.

Since the figments will blather non-stop if I let them get going,


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